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Misty Slopes

 “Softly softly catch the monkey!”

Our Vision


Our company name reflects our vision. Yoga can slowly and surely bring changes to mind and body that help us to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday living. Our aim is to make yoga accessible to everyone so we work in the community to bring the benefits of yoga to those who need it. There should be no barriers to feeling good financial, social or otherwise. It’s as simple as breathing!

We aim to adapt the yoga classes to your body and capabilities. Softly Softly Yoga classes are always inclusive and welcoming.

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“I have been attending the softly softly yoga on and off for over a year. Sue is a great yoga instructor, I felt anxious going for the first time and was made to feel very welcome. The class is so good, I feel lighter, calmer and serene when I leave the class. Sue is very attentive and attuned to her pupils.

I highly recommend".

Theresa Casaccio | Class Attendee

“I have various health problems and yoga really is a benefit to both mental and physical problems. I have been meaning to join a class for years and the cost is one of the things that has stopped me. The non judgemental friendly attitude has kept me coming back. I really value our group sessions at softly softly yoga it is a time when I can be at peace just concentrating on the yoga and nothing else giving me a little bit of calm in a very uneasy life. The physical exercise side of it is really beneficial to me as well as before coming to the class i did no physical exercise. I was very worried about keep putting on weight and I have even lost a little bit since coming to the class regularly. My general fitness has improved too“.

Emma Tonka | Class Attendee

Simon Shreeve | Head of Service | Norfolk County Council

“The yoga sessions offered multiple benefits...Several of the participants suffer chronic pain which had been unresponsive to medical intervention and the opportunity to move and stretch in a structured way was of enormous benefit. It also had a positive effect on their mental health and sense of well being by allowing them to learn relaxation techniques that could easily be replicated at home. We would highly recommend Sue’s classes to other vulnerable groups. Her approach is very gentle and adaptable.”

Becky Heath | Development Worker | Norfolk County Council

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